Best Spray Paint DIY Home Projects

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After having my floors refinished during a kitchen remodel, I realized how icky the floor register covers were. The vent registers were dirty and rusted. New vent registers can cost between $8 to $20. Instead of buying new ones I decided to use a $7 can of spray paint to clean up the vents. I used one can for 5 to 6 vents.

I wanted the best spray paint for metal, so I used Rust-Oleum Universal Flat Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint and Primer In One from Lowes. I chose Rust-Oleum with primer so I could keep painting to a minimum. You don’t really want your vents to stand out, so I recommend a flat finish.

How to Spraypaint Floor Register Vents

  • Remove the vents from the floor. Unclip the plastic part under the vent (if applicable). Some vents have a plastic underbelly that clips on.
  • Choose the best spray paint for metal products, with a primer included.
  • Cleaning the vents is key. Spray the vents with a degreaser or wipe with a soapy rag. Wipe down vents with dry rag and let dry.
  • Use a wire brush to scrape off any debris or rust.
  • Place a towel, old sheet, or newspapers on an outdoor table or hard surface.
  • Give a quick 1st coat. Most Rust-Oleum cans have an attached spray handle, however, if you purchase the traditional spray paint cans, use a spray handle for an even finish.
  • Let dry for at least one hour in a cool, dry place.
  • Apply a second coat. Let dry for one hour.
  • Apply a third coat. Let dry overnight in a cool, dry place.

This has been one of my favorite DIY home projects. I’ve done other spray painting projects, but this one was so easy. There were a few air bubbles to contend with, but overall it turned out well. The vents look a lot better, not to mention cleaner. I never knew how filthy air vents could get.

Using spray paint for DIY home projects made me curious about other home improvement projects I could do with spray paint. I’ve listed some of my favorite DIY home improvement projects using spray paint.

Best Spray Paint DIY Home Projects

How to Spray Paint Candlesticks

Green with Decor has a great tutorial on how to spray paint thrift store candlesticks.

how to spray paint candlesticks before after
This image belongs to Green with Decor. Click to visit her site.

DIY Spray Paint a Wooden Mail Organizer

Check out Blooming Homestead’s tutorial on spray painting a wooden mail organizer the prettiest coral color you’ve ever seen.

spray paint wood furniture
This image belongs to Blooming Homestead. Click to visit her site.

Spray Paint Your Fireplace Cover

Tackle that brassy fireplace cover with Katie Lamb. She gives us a step by step process on how to take that 1980s fireplace into the 21st century.

spray paint fire place cover
This image belongs to Katie Lamb. Click to visit her site.

Spray Paint Dishes from the Thrift Store

Sarah D. took inspiration from Martha Stewart to get a uniform look of beautiful white dishware. She stopped by the thrift store and picked up the ugliest dishes with the most gorgeous shapes. She spray painted them with Rust-Oleum paint and primer in one gloss white. Once you spray paint a dish, do not use them for eating.

spraypaint dishes thrift store
This image belongs to Sarah D. Click to visit her site.

Spray Paint Wooden Furniture

Mindy from Finding Silver Linings transformed an old wooden desk from Craigslist with a can of Tiffany Blue spray paint.

diy spray paint wood furniture
This image belongs to Finding Silver Linings. Click to visit her site.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 6 Ways to Talk to update your house with spray paint. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share with me in the comments or on Instagram

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