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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

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This post has been updated as of 2/27/2024

I HAVE A SMALL KITCHEN. Yep. I do. The lack of storage got worse after the kitchen was remodeled because I lost a pantry and kitchen peninsula cabinets. I joke that I became a minimalist because of the kitchen remodel. I had to Kon Mari my kitchen and find storage solutions that work.

Using my “one item a day” organization method I got rid of about half of my kitchen items, appliances, and accessories. My first priority was storage for food items. My kitchen cabinets barely held my dishes, so I had to find a way to store my food.

Given the lack of built-in cabinet storage, I purchased a free-standing kitchen cabinet from Bed Bath and Beyond (fomerly Overstock) to replace the missing pantry storage. Unfortunately, the original cabinet with glass or mesh doors is no longer available. Admittedly we lost our minds a little while putting together the cabinet. It was Ikea-level difficult. Thankfully there was just enough space to fit the cabinet, so it could serve as the new pantry.

kitchen pantry storage

The spice rack step shelf cabinet organizer and expandable stackable kitchen cabinet shelf organizers are two of my favorites. The spice rack may be meant for spices, but it’s perfect for holding canned goods. The stackable organizer works great for holding just about anything, including dishes.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Storage

small kitchen pantry collage

Kitchen Counter Storage

small kitchen storage countertops

Small kitchens typically have no counter space. My kitchen is no exception. I have four countertops. That’s it. The two counters on either side of the oven and the counters on either side of the sink. If that’s not minimalist, then I don’t know what is? I like to keep my counters as clear as possible, but I do have a few items that keep everything organized.

kitchen counter storage

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Minimize Your Dishes

The original kitchen cabinets were over 40 years old and falling apart. The new kitchen cabinets are the same size, 30″ Arcadia Shaker White from Lowes. Alas, 42″ kitchen cabinets weren’t in the cards. I would have loved 42″ kitchen cabinets to get more storage space, but honestly, I was scared to open up any more walls. I ran out of money and couldn’t afford to fix the ceiling again. When you start opening up walls and ceilings, who knows what you will find? Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I had to find a way to make the 30″ cabinets work. My only option was to minimize my dishes and create storage. We got rid of most of our dishes, wine glasses, and cups. It was tough but necessary. Somehow we’ve managed and haven’t had to repurchase anything.

minimalist kitchen cabinets

Purchase Space Saving Kitchen Organizers

When I started minimizing my dishes and kitchen accessories, I didn’t think I needed any additional organizational tools. I quickly realized that a few space-saving kitchen organizers were necessary for such a small kitchen. So I purchased a few shelf and drawer organizers.

kitchen cabinet organizers

I hope you’ve enjoyed some Small Kitchen Storage Ideas. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share with me in the comments or on Instagram

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