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Kid’s Closet Organization Makeover

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This post has been updated as of 03/05/2024

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Every time I opened my daughter’s closet I was anxiety-ridden at the lack of organization. In 2012 I began a personal organization project–then life happened. I got back on track last year after reading Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. After a year of purging other rooms, I finally got around to my daughter’s closet (which housed seasonal clothing, sheets, creams, lotions, a few toys, and shoes). Her everyday clothes are housed in a dresser.

I had some organization pieces in this closet but they weren’t working very well together. I had a double canvas hanging sweater organizer (which I will use elsewhere), but it became a catchall that didn’t really catch anything useful. I also already had the 6 compartment sweater organizer and the shoe stacker, which were being used…albeit ineffectively. After purging old clothing, shoes, toys, and sheets– the 6 compartment canvas bag was all I needed to hold my daughter’s cold season clothing.

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$100 Kid’s Closet Organization Makeover

Closet Organization System

I was planning to go online, but I decided to go to a physical store! Imagine that! I went to the Container Store to purchase the items I didn’t have. I’m not sure where/when I purchased some of the items I already had, but I would recommend the Container Store or Amazon to purchase those items (as they are currently in stock and reasonably priced).

The only two items I had to purchase were the double hang closet rod (to hold all of her winter hanging items, including her dresses) and the elephant canvas storage bin for her toys (which my daughter picked out). All the organization tools I used are linked and priced below.

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Closet Organization Purchases

6 compartment natural canvas hanging sweater organizer
2-shelf shoe stacker
24 pocket mesh over the door shoe bag
Double hang closet rod
3 sprouts elephant canvas toy storage bin – $24.39

I should note that I did not use the overdoor closet hooks. My daughter’s closet would not close properly with the hooks so I had to put nails directly into the door to hold the shoe bag.

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Closet Purge

I purged 3 full bags of clothing, 1 bag of shoes, 1 bin of toddler bed sheets (my daughter moved to a twin-sized bed recently), and unused crib bumpers (I never used them so I’m not sure why they were in the closet). All usable items were donated.

I put gloves, tights, creams, lotions, belts, and other accessories in the shoe bag. The shoe bag was an important part of the process to hold the little things.

Closet Organization Before and After

kids closet organization before after

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on my kid’s closet organization project. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share with me in the comments or on Instagram

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