Do you feel stuck?

Are you frequently overwhelmed with clutter, people, appointments, and responsibilities?

Are you rushing from here to there and everywhere?

Is your house overrun with clutter?

Do you feel like you’re hanging on by your fingernails?

Do you not have time for self-care?

Do you crawl into bed exhausted at night?

Do you feel like time slips through your fingers?

Are you just going through the motions?

If this is you then we have a lot in common.

<img src="enjoy-your-life.jpg" alt="Motivational quote Marjorie Pay Hinckley">As a working mom, wife, and caretaker of parents–I am frequently overwhelmed, which is one of the reasons I have embraced minimalism.

Join me on a journey through minimalism, simple living, sustainability, money-saving tips, time-saving tips, and reclaiming your time (from life’s time suckers).

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